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Rowena Morrow, Peter Hayward, Josh Floyd and Rebecca Mijat. 

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What is FutureShift?

The FutureShift Program is a global online immersion into the thinking and practice of foresight. This is an opportunity to build your strategic thinking and change authority, while also connecting with a unique global community of creative and innovative thinkers.

  • Be the Change

    We provide a catalytic experience that will transform the way you view today's challenges, allowing you to make changes right now that will impact future outcomes through a quantum shift in your thinking ability. This Program is a supported emergence into a new way of thinking, being and acting.

  • Humble Intelligence

    We provide high quality academic and practical content that is intelligent and stimulating. The four creators of the Program have had extensive experience, widespread respect and personal success, which has led to the development of a genuinely unique Program. However, we are not 'gurus' and are here to support you rather than to 'teach' you.

  • Belief in Ability

    This Program will be challenging. You will need to be brave - opening yourself up to learning to 'trust the process', and to be able to accept that you won't receive 'answers' to the issues you are dealing with. However, you will learn how to think more broadly, to explore more deeply, to hold more complexity, and to be more comfortable taking action even in uncertainty.

  • Tough Love

    We are here to support people through their cognitive dissonance - it won't be comfortable in the short term but it will be valuable in the long run. We will be honest and caring with participants and realistic about the state of the future. We will hold both ourselves and participants equally to account.

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FutureShift Hosts


Peter Hayward

Dr Peter Hayward was technically trained in Commerce and Systems Thinking with a range of project management experiences before discovering Foresight. That foundation gave him the discipline and licence to join up Business Pragmatics with the wisdom of Human Development and System Complexity. Peter's PhD found that our capacity to thrive in complexity and volatility grows along with our vulnerability and humility.


Rowena Morrow

Rowena has a well-rounded understanding of how people and organisations operate in the face of disruption. With a background in foresight, innovation and capacity building in the for-profit, not-for-profit, educational and government sectors in Australia and internationally, she enjoys environments that are ambiguous and complex. Rowena has held senior roles in transformation, innovation, customer experience, product development, market planning, and strategy. She works with organisations to create a new future state based on innovation and foresight, through developing people with the ability to think robustly about possible futures and how they might create hope-filled opportunities for themselves, their organisations and communities.


Josh Floyd

Josh Floyd’s work is focused on developing individual and social learning to support viable futures in the face of the increasingly severe co-consequences attending our species’ staggering material achievements. He draws on training and experience in futures studies and strategic foresight, and systems thinking and practice. Josh has wide ranging experience across research and education, technical and project management roles, and governance and consulting. Josh is the co-author of two recent books on energy and civilisational futures.

Community Host


Rebecca Mijat

Rebecca is a change specialist, who is passionate about connecting future thinkers to create innovative approaches for our local and world challenges. She has worked both within industry and as a management consultant in business roles and also on large change projects for multinational organisations and local institutions. Rebecca combines her strong business acumen, creative nature and natural ability to connect and coach people to think more broadly and deeply about the future.

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  • What is the FutureShift Program about?

    The purpose of our Program is to support clever people around the world, to do good work, in complex times. We achieve this by focussing on developing the capacity of participants to think broadly and deeply about business and world challenges; to feel comfortable and confident with ambiguity, uncertainty and volatility; and to hold more complexity while acting with purpose.

  • Sounds interesting. Who are the people I will be working with?

    Your Hosts include educators who taught the globally acclaimed Master of Strategic Foresight, the only such Masters course in Australia. Dr Peter Hayward, Josh Floyd and Rowena Morrow combine their 30 years of teaching experience to design and deliver this remarkable Program.

  • How does the Immerse Program run?

    The Immerse Program will run from early April to the end of May 2020. There are two rounds in the Program and each round has five steps. The idea is to have a repeating process pattern so you can relax into the experience. There is different content in each round. You have access to the online FutureShift Portal for 60 days and all presentations can be downloaded.

  • How much does the Sneak Peek Program cost?

    FutureShift Sneak Peek is AUD$9.95 - this includes access to 6 presentations from the Immerse Program to give you a taste of the content. This is your opportunity to see whether the Immerse Program is of interest. The presentations are interesting content on their own and well worth a look. You have access to the online FutureShift Portal for 60 days and can re-watch the presentations as many times as you wish.

  • How much does the Immerse Program cost?

    The Immerse Program costs AUD$96.95. The program runs over 6 weeks and is delivered totally asynchronously online through the FutureShift Portal.

  • What happens after the Immerse Program?

    We have designed the next stage in the FutureShift approach which is called the Comprehend Program. It requires you to have completed the Immerse Program as it deepens the approach and raises the level of engagement. It will also run over 6 weeks with asynchronous online content and includes two webinars with the Hosts. We will run it when there are enough people who have completed the Immerse Program.

  • Will I receive a certificate for the Immerse Program?

    There is no formal certification issued on completion of the FutureShift programs.